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You who work with research projects know that having specialized and customized equipment is essential to achieve results with agility, safety and effectiveness. Choosing the right supplier of equipment for observing guinea pigs is as important as studying and analyzing the material. Reconciling these two aspects is the guarantee of even better results.

AVS Projetos has been developing, for over 30 years, equipment and data acquisition systems for muscle contraction, pressure, among others, specially designed to meet your demand for animal research, always aligning quality and competitive price.  Our equipment can be adapted in dimensions, features or any other specific needs of your project.  

We have a highly specialized and dedicated team of engineers, technicians and programmers always ready to help with both products already in line and special projects.  We operate both in Brazil and in Mercosur and the United States, meeting all the needs of professionals who carry out research with animals, combining innovative solutions with traditional ones, in the areas of pharmacology, physiology, biology, among others.

Contact our team today, or request a quote on our product line.

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