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- Equipment monitoring system via cell phone

- Includes Electricity Detection

- Compatible with Oi, Tim, Vivo and Claro cellular networks

- Visualization on LCD display with backlight all configured parameters and alarm conditions, system status, in addition to operator signal level

- Sending SMS and calls to up to 21 pre-registered numbers and setting the priority level for each registered number

- System status LEDs

- Possibility of critical event configuration, where an operator is required at the installation site to reset the system in case of an alarm event

- Backup battery lasting 2 hours in case of power failure

- Remote access to the equipment through SMS sending with STATUS return, including balance verification when the line is prepaid

- Parameters that can be monitored: Power failure, Temperature of Freezers and Refrigerators, Temperature of air-conditioned rooms, light-dark cycle, electrical contacts, gas pressure, Ammonia Level, Ethanol level, Noise level, Relative humidity, Opening the door of controlled rooms, Exhaustion, Other parameters on request

Equipment for Cellular Monitoring

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