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- 6mm Acrylic case and aluminum sides with a black side and a white or crystal side with a total internal dimension of 470 mm (L) x 390 mm (H) x 320 mm (D) with crystal acrylic cover
- USB camera for image capture
- Floor with 5 mm diameter stainless steel bars and 15 mm spacing between them
- Sensor to detect which side of the box the animal is on
- Tray to collect waste
- Light bulb
- Power supply voltage 110 or 220 volts alternating
- Software and USB Interface for box control, for generation of shock stimuli, light and door opening and closing control
- Shocks with current adjustment from 0.1 mA to 3.0 mA through potentiometer, AC 60 Hz with scrambler system for 4 bars

Avoidance Box - Context and Sound Conditioned Fear

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